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OPEN U.P. Price Reduction

Great news just came in for anyone lusting after a new OPEN U.P.  "We have good news for you. The NEW UP comes into his third production year and we have written off all our mould costs (thats always a big cost factor as we don't have the production numbers as many big players do). So here in NZ this means we can now reduce the NEW UP to $4900 (Down from $5400). U.P.P.E.R and ONE + will stay as they are.  

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We get to do some seriously beautiful bike builds in this store, but this one was exceptional even by our standards. Open Cycles is a brand that has just been launched in NZ and we were the first ones in the country to build one of there new UP Gravel Road bikes.  This is a fine piece of kit and beauitfully finished with only the best parts from ENVE, SRAM, 3T, Fixik & WTB. U.P. (Unbeaten Path) and U.P.P.E.R. combine a performance-oriented cross/road geometry & parts with clearance for mountain bike tires. So you can ride anywhere, and ride fast. Get out of town on asphalt, hit the gravel roads or switch to singletrack. The geometry gets you there fast; the...

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