Brake Authority products are made with two goals: Performance and Respect. Developed with Fabien Barel to meet the needs of World Cup riders, they undergo regular testing to ensure the pads are optimised for performance, feel and durability.

The brake pads are also less toxic thanks to Nonitech technology which removes the highly toxic nickel metal, providing safer factories and workshops for workers. All packaging is of course from recycled cardboard. Available for almost all brake models in three compounds, Burly, Aggressive and Ceramic. (Note, all 3 compounds feature metallic compounds providing longer lasting performance.


Metallic compound, providing Longer lasting performance. These pads still work great and provide amazing value.


An improved metallic compound increases bite, providing amazing power in all conditions.


Backed with a ceramic coating, these pads help disperse heat (similar to what the finned Shimano pads do, but better). The Ceramic pads have the same compound as the Aggressive pads.

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