The ultimate way to choose your next bike... join us in Queenstown for a 3 day demo experience. Ride some of the worlds finest trails, lead by professional guides and we will be there to help you experience and choose the best bike and setup for you.


An All Mountain NZ Collaboration

This trip will be organised and run by the awesome team at  All Mountain NZ with support by either Kashi or Mat from Black Seal / Yeti NZ.

Upcoming Trips

November 22-24th 2019
February 13-15th 2020
For the Feb date, we will finish just in time to still get up to the start of the YETI Tranz NZ Enduro

What is included

Airport transfers, accommodation for two nights, all breakfasts, lunches and dinners, transfers to the tracks, guiding from local and highly experienced guides, a helicopter trip, a selection of lovely YETIs to ride, help with setup and advice on which bike would suit you the best.
The Heli bike trip will be weather dependant. If the weather looks bad we will instead make a trip to Alexandra (approx. 1hr away). We will choose a peak once we know what riding level everyone is at, so to ensure everyone can enjoy an amazing experience.

Special Offer

The cost of the whole weekend is $1400 per person, which is pretty awesome considering you get 3 days of riding, 2 nights accomodation plus food, helibike trip and amazing bikes to ride.
Then on top of that, Kiwis that end up buying a Yeti through any NZ dealer will get $300 cash back. For international riders, we would love to offer you a deal while you are here on a new bike too! Please contact us to discuss pricing on any of the bikes.

Schedule & Rides

These trips will have max 8-10 riders and we will tailor the rides to the ability level of the riders. We have a good number of trails that can cater for many ability levels and as we have multiple guides, we will be able to ensure you get to ride on tracks that you enjoy.

Day One - Airport pickup in the morning (arrival before 10am ideally). We will then spend a while getting set up on your bikes of choice before heading out for a nice afternoon ride to get warmed up. 

Day Two - After getting re-setup on new bikes (if desired) or just fine tuning our positions, we will go back out and hit some new trails.  If the weather is fine, then we will get in the helicopter today. If weather is bad, we might head over to Alexandra instead (approx. 1hr away and often much better weather).

Day Three - One last ride in the morning, before we say our goodbyes and drop you back to the airport for those who need them. 

Demo Bikes

We will do our best to ensure you get to ride the models and sizes that you would like, however we will be limited by how many of us want to ride the same models (we have max 2 of the most popular size /models). Also certain model/sizes will not be available. We will let you know when you enquire to ensure we have the model you are after. 

Please note that you will not be able to choose or change component spec on the models, as it would require too much time and there will likely be others riding the same bike on the weekend. But we will be able to switch stem lengths to help fine tune setup. 

What to bring

Personal belongings

Pedals and shoes,

Riding Backpack, Snacks for riding, Basic first aid.

Protection (Helmet, Googles, Knee pads)

Sunscreen, insect repellant

For more information or to book

Please email us at sales@blackseal.co.nz