Demo Bike Fee

Demo Bike Fee

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We are proud to offer one of the best demo bike programmes in the country, offering you the opportunity to try before you buy. For a small company like us, this is a hugely significant investment in both time and money.

This fee helps cover the costs of running the program and also ensures we are focused on helping those truely interested in purchasing bikes. It means we can ensure the bikes are better serviced, that we have more bike options available and that we will have more time to talk through our experience and discuss options with you. Offering free demos unfortunately attracts too many people just wanting a free ride and we end up not being able to give those that truely need help enough attention. 

And if you end up buying a bike, just email us and we will either refund your demo sessions - or send you a gift voucher for the full amount spent on demo's to be used on clothing or parts of your choice from this website.

Please make sure you also book your demo by filling in this form. To see our upcoming demo days, click here