Helmet - Urge SupAcross White & Silver

Helmet - Urge SupAcross White & Silver

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When we designed the Supacross, we very finely balanced the XC codes with the Urge style. The result is a lightweight, stylish helmet, with the right vents at the right places to stay lucid and efficient in the worst conditions.

Once on top of your head, adjust the ring system and fasten the straps; the legendary Urge comfort and the "Gangsta pad" will allow you to push your limits.Whatever your riding style is: XC racing, trail, long distance... you are safe as this helmet was primarily designed for this purpose.Plus, its eco conception matches perfectly our way of thinking. The inner shell is made out of 100% recycled EPS and the straps out of recycled PET, to not "only" create a technical and goodlooking helmet, but also to add to it.With the Supacross, the genuine XC spirit is "Cross your Country"Like all the other models, the straps are made from recycled PET.


  • CE1078 CPSC Certification
  • In Mould construction
  • Custom ring system
  • Recycled EPS shell
  • Recycled PET straps
  • Fitted for Cross Country riding.
  • Delivered with pads of different thickness in the box to fit your head perfectly.
  • Sizes: S/M (54/57cm), L/XL (58/60cm) XXL (63cm)
  • Weight: 230 gr