Bike Otago is moving...

Secrets are hard to keep in this industry! So its time to put the rumours to rest, Yes, we are moving...

Don't get us wrong, we love our current location with its beautiful old walls, views of the railway station and its slanted wooden floors :) There has been something wonderful about being hidden away up the stairs and we have enjoyed so many good times up here.

But as the good word about our service has spread, so has our popularity. We have needed more staff. With three mechanics we have been running out of space fast and you may have noticed temporary repair stands being used quite a lot this summer?

We realised if we wanted to keep our high standard of service, we needed to move. We discussed what the ideal bike workshop would like like and went on search for a location where we could build our dream. Finally we found it - a building with everything we needed and at the right price. It was a total coincidence that this building also happens to be within 100m of Cycle World and T7. It was never our intention to end up in such close quarters, but hey, we're all cycling cuzzy bros round here right :)

Here is the soon to be "Bike Otago" building. We will occupy the entire ground level...

Here is the soon to be "Bike Otago" building. We will occupy the entire ground level...

The showroom space as it was when we leased the space. We almost turned the building down because of this... but luckily we looked harder!

Gone with the carpet... Jasper and Laksmi test the space to see if it could be a new riding track

Gone with the false ceiling and walls... time to bring back some history.

The original bluestone walls, back to their former glory

A small step down can pose a big problem as trip hazards. Nothing 7m3 of concrete can't fix though!

And that's about where we are at this stage. We still have lots of work to do to get this building the way we want it, so at this stage we are aiming for an opening date of early June. If you are keen to come to the opening party, make sure you sign up to our newsletter by filling in your details below


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