Yeti NZ Demo


Having a hard time choosing between our four recently released models for your next steed? Will it be the best-selling, do-it-all SB140 , the surprisingly agile, rock-smashing SB160, the trail-blurring SB120, or the acrobatic SB135 dopamine machine?

Perhaps you’re e-curious or looking to trade up to an e-MTB with super-efficient Sixfinity suspension. As the first e-bike to be designed for racing, the 160E is remarkably balanced and decidedly Yeti.
Now that we are Rotorua based we are excited to offer locally based demo opportunities. 



New this year is the ability to book in a demo in Rotorua any time you wish. We share the same fleet with our hire service, so we advice booking in advance as much as possible. 

We charge $150 per day to cover our time setting you up on the bike and giving the bike a full service after the ride. Generally this is for one bike only, but talk to us if you specifically want to compare sizes or models and we might be able to customise a package for you.

Note - We do not allow demo / hire bikes to be used in competition.


We are really excited to offer these new personalised one on one demo sessions, for those that are happy to spend the time to ensure they are buying the right model and size.

Generally these will be delivered by Kashi, who has 12 years professional racing and a lifetime experience in the industry to draw on. He will arrange a place to meet and bring up to 3 bikes setup for you to ride on. He will ride with you, look at posture and discuss feelings. The ability to back to back test bikes and sizes is the absolute ultimate way to know if you are getting the right bike. 

The cost of $300 covers Kashi's time for a few hours and time to service the bikes. The sessions will last for 2-3hrs and if you choose you can continue riding on your favourite bike for a few more hours after this and drop the bike back



This is the option for those in a hurry, who can't get to Rotorua to ride... or for those that really want to test a bike on their local trails.

You would book the bike with us for a weekend that works, then we will send the bike to your local Yeti dealer.  It will be ready to pick up before Friday afternoon so you have time to set it up before the weekend. Bike must be returned to dealer on Monday evening so we can get it back and serviced before sending onto the next person.

The cost is $450, which includes the freight and is payable directly to us. This full amount is refundable on purchase of a new Yeti

Please note : you will be asked to sign a disclosure stating that the bike is your responsibility while in your possession and if you damage it you will cover the cost of repair. 

Note - We do not allow demo / hire bikes to be used in competition.



The above fees* can be taking off the purchase of any new Yeti when purchasing from your dealer of choice within NZ. 

We will only reduce price to a maximum of 5% of final purchase price. So for example if you purchase a bike with $10,000, we would refund up to $500. If you spend $15,000, we would refund up to $750.