Yeti NZ Enduro Development Team

Project Mission

Our aim is to support young riders and help them become better people, using cycling as a way to achieve that goal. Along the way we hope to help some riders make it onto the world stage, turn pro and inspire the next generation.

Young people who choose to compete at high level sports are some of the most gifted, most determined and most capable people around. With the right support they can be a great gift to the world, well beyond results and marketing opportunities. 

We are going to try our best to bring out the best in our riders.


This team is something Mat and Kashi from Black Seal have been dreaming up for some time.

Kashi was keen to find a way to share some of his experiences after 13 years racing on the world circuit as NZ’s top XC rider. Recently Kashi and his wife Roshni moved their family from Dunedin to Rotorua, in part to be more involved with the high performance MTB scene again. Kashi's primary role on the team is as a mentor and working with the riders on their development, which includes regular zoom calls and bringing in other experts to advise athletes on everything from nutrition, to strength work to travel tips. 


While Mat also manages much of the day to day operations at Black Seal, he is also now the team manager of the Devo Team! His past experiences include a background in Adventure Tourism, as well as owning and running a number of cafes. He is also the father of two older teenagers, offering much needed experience to the mix! Mat is a keen outdoor adventurer and can hold his own on the bike too. Mats brilliance is in his easy going nature, but also that he is hyper organised. He also makes a fine coffee brew! Mat will be taking care of logistics and co-ordinating riders at the events, as well as a raft of other things.


We have great collaboration from a number of companies to help support the riders:

Yeti Cycles are supporting the programme from head office with some extra support at the product level, plus when the riders travel internationally.

Fox Racing and Shimano are supporting the team with discounts and excellent back-up service, which is so necessary with how hard and how many hours these riders put in.

Special shout out to Wide Open & Marleens, who are two of NZ's best MTB distributors. They are supplying us with free consumables and passing on great deals to the team on many of the other products they are needing. 

We are open to any sponsorship enquiries who are genuinely interested in supporting the team and our mission!


Riders will be competing in many events throughout the country during the year, but for 2021/22 season we will be focusing our support on key events as follows:

29 Oct - Phoenix Enduro - Christchurch

12 Feb - Capital Enduro - Wellington

19 Feb - 3 Peaks Enduro - Dunedin

4 March - Cable Bay Enduro National Champs - Nelson

26 March - EWS Maydena - Tasmania

2 April - EWS Derby - Tasmania

Race support

We will turn up to team events with our big Yeti NZ van ready to support all Yeti riders, not just our devo team. The van will have tools and spare parts, as well as good coffee and yarns :)

We will also offer support at events to any ride on a YETI, including access to our team tent area to chill out, grab a coffee, use our tools and to buy spare parts at close to cost price from our parts supply (we will carry spare parts for all Yetis, as well as tires, Shimano drive chain parts, Fox suspension spares).

In addition we will accomodate some of the Devo riders at each event, which we will use as a way to pass on knowledge, build up the relationships and for us to learn what the riders need to perform.



One of the best ways for young riders to learn is to simply be around older more experienced riders. Luckily within the Yeti NZ Whanau we have some many older riders who have been around the world racing and have so much to give back to the younger ones coming through. We will be enabling opportunities for the team to meet and get to know these great kiwis : 

Robin Goomes | Ronja Hill-Wright | Melissa (Mops) Newell | Ash Peters Bradley Harris Loui Harvey | Jess Harvey | Jimmy Pollard | John Kirkcaldie ... and many more

Team Riders

The 22/23 YETI NZ ENDURO DEVELOPMENT TEAM include : (We will be working on bios for each rider...  coming soon :)

Poppy Lane | Joe Millington | Dylan Walton | Oliver Jenkins Jablonski | Cam Anderson | Harry Kneebone | Zoe Trolove | Harry Kneebone | Jake Remon | Xanthe Robb | Lachie Ross | Cooper Millwood


Selection Process

After an initial FB post in June 22 we had over seventy riders from across the country express interest in the team for 2022/23, which we were absolutely blown away by. It was one of the toughest things ever having to select a team from these riders, as the depth of talent was exceptional. We focused our selection on creating a team from across the country, with a mix of both girls and boys and talking with friends and Yeti whanau about each rider.  Some of these riders were already riding on Yeti, which did help, but it was not essential.

We have chosen to focus on riders between 16-19 years old as we feel this age group is where we can make the most impact. 

If you are a young rider with big aspirations, please feel free to get in touch with Kashi (kashi@blackseal.co.nz) and he can hopefully give you an idea of how it works and provide some advice on good next steps. We won't be selecting the 23/24 team until sometime in May but it's always good to get onto our radar as early as possible.