DIY concrete polishing

Rather then paying a rather exorbitant amount to get our concrete floors ground and polished professionally, we thought we would give it ago ourselves. So we rented a grinder from hirepool and went to it. 

Luke and I (Kashi) figured out how it worked on day one and managed to get around 50m2 done. Jake joining in on day 2, although the machine didn't start, so we lost half the day while that got repaired. This meant we had to come back for a 3rd day, but thankfully two good customers, Adrian and Shane, came and helped finish off the job.

We still have another day or two with a different machine (with a finer stone) plus then a day of putting down varnish, but it should be done within a few more weeks. It really was one of the dustiest, dirtiest jobs around... but very rewarding seeing the beautiful natural concrete revealed.