Shortest Day, Longest Night - Lights Overview

The winter solstice is nearly here, so we thought we'd share our selection of lights with you. They're not all on our online shop yet, but everything's in store for you to have a look at. 

The main brands we sell are Cateye, Knog, Lezyne, and Gloworm. All Cateye lights are currently 30% off in store - perfect for Matariki rides or those dark commutes.

Basic and backup lights

These wee lights are great for adding a little extra visibility - the rears are also perfect for trail rides with mates, so you don't blind the guys riding behind you! They're all battery powered and attach using rubber straps, so they're quick to remove when leaving your bike locked up. 
The Cateye Loops are the cheapest at $19 each (even cheaper with the 30% in-store discount!), with the all-metal Lezyne Femto Drives at $23 and the Knog Frogs at $25. Everyone in the shop uses these little lights - we think the Cateye Loops are the best as they have great all-round visibility. 

Light sets

If you don't already have any lights on your bike, a pair of lights is the best value for money - we sell sets from $29 to $59. If you commute regularly on busy roads, or do trail riding at night, you can add a high-power headlight too. 

USB rechargeable lights

USB lights can be recharged at work, so your lights will never run out of steam on the ride home. The Lezyne Zecto Drive lights at $50 are very tough and have a cool beam pattern for good visibility, the Knog Blinders ($70 for the big one, $40 for the little one) are seriously bright for their size, and the Cateye Rapid X lights at $70 have a really cool strip of light and 360-degree visibility which is great for junctions, roundabouts, and in heavy traffic (we thought these we so cool that Lewis bought some as soon as we saw them!). 

High-powered lights

If you're commuting regularly in heavy traffic, or need a light for riding along unlit roads or paths, we have a couple of options in the shop. The Cateye Volt 300 has 300 lumens of power and costs $84. The Lezyne Deca Drive at $209 is seriously bright at 800 lumens, bright enough for riding on unlit paths. Both are USB rechargeable. 

Mountain-biking and trail lights

For nighttime trail rides, we also have a range of bar/helmet mount Gloworm lights in - please read our little review from a few weeks back!