Staff Profiles Part Three - Mel Forlong, accounts manager

Time for part three of our staff interviews, this time with the lesser-spotted Mel!

We don't often see you in the Bike Otago shop - what's your role?
Keeping the boys in line! I'm really the accounts manager so I keep the place running financially. I've been working with Kashi since 2010. 

Were you joking when you said keeping the boys in line?
Well, sometimes. On some days I have to remind them that watching riding videos on youtube is not what we're paying them for!

So you're a cyclist too?
Yeah, I ride to work sometimes. My husband is a bike mechanic but my lack of co-ordination keeps me off the harder trails though!

What else do you do for fun then?
With two young kids, sleeping! I also like zumba and walking, and hanging out with the fam. I have four dogs too.