Pocket Money Products

What's your favourite bike product for not very much money? Here's what we picked:

Joel - Finish Line Bike Cleaning Kit - $22
"Five brushes. Works great. We use them in the shop. They don't fall apart like other brushes do." 

Mel - Urge Actikid helmet - $29 on sale at the moment
"Obviously it doesn't fit me, but my kids love them."

Kashi - Finish Line chain lube - $varies depending on the size of the bottle
"It's been around longer than I have, and I used it all through my racing career. Pretty much every race mechanic uses this chain lube." 

Lewis - Pedros tyre levers, $8 for a pair
"I swear they're exactly the same design as the ones I got free in my cereal box in the early 90s."