Pinkbike... pink bike?

Well, here it is, Joel's custom-painted-and-decaled-prototype Switchback 'cross bike. In case you can't quite put your finger on the colour, it's "oh my god that's bright" pink with "it's making my eyes go funny" green decals. Congratulations to those of you who guessed the colour correctly - but unfortunately we were lying when we said you'd win the bike (would you even ride it, anyway?)

You may be thinking 'can I get my bike painted and decaled too?'. The answer is - yes you can, but we don't do it ourselves. For the paint, we took it over the road to Castle Street Panelbeaters, who have done a great job on all of our custom and prototype frames. We also designed our own decals, which were then printed and cut by Prosigns (who can design your decals if you're not the artistic type).