Beginner Ladies-Only MTB Rides

If you're new to mountain-biking and want to learn some skills, or you want to try it out before you take the plunge, we're running some ladies-only beginner MTB sessions. We've lined up Scarlett and Mary, two of NZ's most talented young female riders, for an easy-peasy social ride. The rides will be at a cruisy pace, and you don't need any skills or experience at all - just come along for some fun!


Thursday evenings at 5:15 (First night will be on Thursday 6th November). Rides will be approximately 1hr long.

Where: We'll be cruising around Waikari forest to start with, but we will start changing venues after the first few weeks.

What you need: You will need a mountain bike (nothing fancy so long as it's in good condition - bring it into the shop if you're unsure), a helmet and warm clothing if it's cold...and be ready to have fun :)