Scorpion Stands

The world's best portable bike stand, in our opinion. 


The best in the world? Why?

  • Because it plugs into your hollow crankset, so you don't have to squeeze your fat DH tyre into a too-narrow slot to hold your bike.
  • Because it lifts your rear wheel off the ground, so you pedal and tune your gears/brakes before a race or after a crash. If you get a mate to sit on the rear tyre, then the front wheel lifts off the ground so you can straighten your front rotor too.
  • Because it's light/cheap/small/portable, so it can do all of these things in the trail car park.
  • Because they're made in a workshop by an American dude who was annoyed with all other bike stands (you might say he couldn't stand them any longer! Geddit? Geddit?!)

They come in Green, Orange, and Pro. Pro is black, because that's the colour that pro's like, right? The Pro also unbolts into two flat sections, so it's even smaller, which could be useful if space is limited in the back of your tour van.

We're doing them cheap for 3 Peaks - so get one soon. Buy one!

If you're not sure whether it'll fit your crankset, check out their website: