Staff Profiles Part Four - Nigel Bourban, Mechanic.

Part Four of our staff interview series - Nigel Bourban, the new guy. He's working at Bike Otago over the summer, getting in as much riding as he can before going back to his home in the Swiss Alps!

Where are you from Nigel?
Nendaz, in the Swiss Alps. (Nigel tells us it's quite pretty. We googled it - he's right!)

Can you yodel?
No. I still have my balls.

What do you ride?
Enduro! I have just built up my own Yeti SB5C. It's really nice, like it's built for the trails in New Zealand.


What do you miss? 
Food - raclette, croute de fromage, rosti... 

(we're spotting a cheesy theme here Nigel)


Do you like working with Joel?

What can I say? Yes!