Five Awesome Things That Happened in 2014

2014 was a pretty awesome year for cycling in Dunedin. Here's what we think the top five moments were, and we'll try to keep it short and sweet.

1. Three Peaks Enduro

The original NZ enduro event, this year was the third and biggest Three Peaks Enduro - 200 riders from across the world rode and raced for one epic weekend. 

2. Shop Rides, Ladies Rides, Massive Track Building
Our shop rides restarted in October, and Ladies Rides a month later. Going hand-in-hand with 3 Peaks there has been some really extensive track building in Dunedin this year, which is totally awesome. We're also thinking about a ladies-only team for Naseby in 2015, who's keen?

3. Cyclocross Southern Series

While the Three Peaks Enduro team were getting themselves organised, our friends over at Cycle World hosted another spectacular Dunedin event - the Cyclocross Southern Series. We're predicting big things for cyclocross and gravel-basher races next year, and Dunedin's network of gravel tracks is perfect.

4. Sweet Streets

Dunedin Cycling Club 114 years ago! Whilst there has been a lot of to-and-fro regarding our cycle lanes and paths, 2014 has undeniably seen a growth in urban cycling here in Dunedin. Projects like the Peninsula Cycleway are steaming ahead (helped by the awesome people at Spokes Dunedin), and electric bikes are making molehills of our mountains. Keep it up in 2015, Dunedin!

5. Kids' Stuff

Dunedin's BMX club is growing, with the track at Forrester Park more popular than ever. Even tiny kids had a blast at Dunedin's first Balance Bike Champs. It's not all dirt either - following a generous donation, schoolkids in South D will be getting increased cycle training and access to a bike and helmet library. Getting the wee ones riding early is cool in its own right, but what's even cooler is that in ten or twenty years time these kids will be helping Dunedin to grow as a cycling city. 

That's the year that was - there's still time for a few rides before 2015 though!