Stan's Wheelsets

It is crucially important that your bicycle has wheels. Without wheels, you will have to carry your bicycle everywhere, which gets very tiring. Not all wheels are created equal, though - there are about a bajillion variations, so if you're not sure what flavour of wheel you're after then just call or email us.

We love Stan's wheelsets. You'll find them on the majority of our custom builds, and on most of our personal bikes too. Why? Because they're light, stiff, reliable, and in terms of value-for-money, the best out there. They stand up to some serious punishment (provided you select the right wheelset for your needs - see the chart below), and it goes without saying that they hold a tubeless tyre perfectly. 

We don't keep every Stan's wheelset in stock, but we can almost always get them within two working days. If you're after a pair, clicky here, or phone/email us.