Our New Workshop - a virtual tour, and a hidden discount code.

Yesterday was the grand opening of our new workshop. We haven't gone far - just upstairs in fact. Here's a virtual tour of our new digs. There's a discount code hidden in here for eagle-eyed readers.
We're also working hard to get our online shop looking fab. We haven't quite got round to listing every single product we keep in stock, but we're working through it. If you want something and can't find it online, give us a ring or flick us an email - we'll give you a price, and we can usually get almost anything in overnight.

Here's the outside of the shop. It ain't as pretty as it used to be, but we're working on it. Follow the signs upstairs. If you need a hand getting your bike upstairs, or need assistance in any other way, we're installing a buzzer. 

The first thing you'll see upstairs is our cabinet, full of the latest and greatest bike bling. Stools are provided for extended viewing. 

To the right of the cabinet is a selection of cool accessories - woolly socks from The Sock Guy, gloves, nutrition, locks, lights, and good old fashioned puncture repair kits.

To the left of the cabinet is our range of helmets (Urge, Giro and IXS mainly), an extra-big slice of Lezyne tools and kits, and heaps of lubes and cleaning products. 

Opposite the helmets you'll find a comfy sofa, and lots of clothing from Yeti and Endura (we've got a fitting room out the back), as well as knee/elbow protectors, and bags from Vaude, Evoc, and Camelbak. A community noticeboard is also planned. Enve wheels, too.

Round the corner is a whole load of goodies - tyres, tubes, forks, bars, Brake Authority kit, saddles, grips and bar tape, rims, pedals, chainrings and sprockets, Csixx and Surly gear.

As well as having about twice as much stuff as before, we've also got twice the workshop capacity - two full-size workstations (with two custom workstands - the only two in the world!) and two full sets of tools for two full-time mechanics to fix/build your bikes twice as fast. That's that's great great. 

So, what's happening to the old workshop? Well, since our custom builds and electric bikes are flying out of the shop, we're turning it into a dedicated showroom. We'll have a range of SmartMotion, Pedego, and hopefully Moustache electric bikes, as well as demos and full builds of our best brands for both road and mountain. We might even get a Surly fatbike, now that would be cool. 

Now for that discount code - type in 'newshop' at the online checkout for 10% off any orders over $50 (except full bikes and frames). It's valid all week - and it'll work in the shop too, just mention this blog post.