Heard of G-Form? They have designed some pretty impressive and revolutionary protection products. Rather than your traditional rigid pads, G-Form uses an impact-reactive foam, meaning they're soft and comfortable when riding but harden upon impact, absorbing some 95% of the force. 

If you've ever ummed and ahhed about wearing knee/shin/elbow pads on a cruisy weeknight trail ride with your mates, or if you want a little more protection without the feeling/heat/bulk of traditional protection, then these might be for you. Don't get us wrong - the traditional Leatt/RaceFace protection we sell is comfortable and ergonomic and still the best for DH/aggressive trail riding, but the G-Form alternatives are so comfortable and slim you won't even know they're there - perfect for after-work rides or a little additional protection under a slim riding jersey.

There are some good reviews of G-Forms older products here, here, and here - but the pieces we have in now are the next-gen of cycling-specific protection, so they should be even more comfortable. 

In stock we have - 
Shin Pads

Knee Pads

Knee-Shin Combo Pads

Elbow Pads

And two types of Compression Short (the chamois-less Pro-X, and the Pro-B which has a chamois)

They also come in yellow if you want to look like a superhero (this guy is an ice hockey player, not a mountain biker, but you get the idea).