Moustache Friday

Our trusty SmartMotions and cruisy Pedegos have just got a new French stablemate - the incredible (and incredibly-named) Moustache Friday (note that this is the UK website; NZ specs are a little different - our motors have a little more power!)

Okay, it's expensive. Six grand actually... everyone in the family could be riding a SmartMotion for that much. But what you're getting for your money is the next generation of E-Bike. We've ridden probably a dozen different brands in the last year, but when we test-rode one of NZ's first Moustaches, we were absolutely blown away. 

The first thing we noticed is the way it looks - the hydroformed frame looks cutting-edge modern, with the massive black balloon tyres and Brooks saddle completing the picture. It's a really, really good looking bike. 

The second thing we noticed is the way it rides, which is really special. The German Bosch motor and battery is leagues ahead of anything else we've ridden in terms of smoothness. It kicks in instantly - you don't have to pedal a full rotation before the motor starts pushing - it starts as soon as you put any pressure on the pedals. It's so smooth you don't notice it, and there's no need for a throttle at all. It's a centre-mount motor, so you can use the gearing to get both maximum hill-climbing ability and top speed out of the motor. 

The drivetrain is also pretty smart. It runs a NuVinci 360 hub, which is unlike any other gearing system - rather than having separate discrete gears, it has a continuously variable ratio. It's a bit like turning the volume knob on a radio - you can make adjustments as small or as large as you like. Also, like the rest of the bike, it feels incredibly smooth. 

Finally, the ergonomic bars, massive Fat Frank tyres, suspension seatpost and Brooks saddle mean it's one of the most comfortable around-town bikes we've ridden. You know what it's like? Smooth.

If you want to have a look, be quick, because its new owner is coming in to pick it up soon!