Bike Otago's first gig - Monty Bevins!

The other day this guy comes into the shop... turns out he's Monty Bevins, a singer song writer and about to embark on a country wide bicycle tour, singing gigs along the way.

So after chatting a while he tells us he'd be keen to use our bicycle showroom for a little gig after the trip to show off some photos and sing some songs! How could we turn that down!? So Bike Otago is now officially hosting its first ever gig on Friday May 1st, 530pm. Not sure what we'll do about alcohol, but we'll figure something out...

Check out Monty in the video below. Turns out he's got an incredible sound and we're a little ashamed not to have heard of him (have you?). So make sure to mark May 1 down in your agendas for the 1st ever bike otago gig!