Bontrager TLR Flash Charger - inflates tubeless tyres!

Every now and then we find a product that we think is really awesome. This piece of kit is a dream come true for home mechanics and race days - a top-quality floor pump that also effortlessly beads up tubeless-ready tyres. It's perfect to keep in the car in case you burp all the air out of your tyre, or if want to install new tubeless-ready tyres at home. We've already nabbed one for shop events. 

If you're interested, we have one on the shop floor for demonstration, and you can find them for sale on our website.

Here's how it works:
1. Uh-oh, one seriously burped tyre. Well actually, we just deflated it.

2. Pump it up. Pre-pressurise the pump's internal reservoir (or get an assistant to do it)

3. Keep going until the gauge is in the green zone. 

4. Connect the pump head to the valve, and pull the red lever up.

5. This dumps all the pre-pressurised air into the tyre at once, instantly snapping up the bead. Boom! 

The result is one perfect tubeless tyre. This left us with a healthy 30psi, and you can use Flash Charger as a normal pump to adjust this.

MTBR have a video of it in action: