Surly Straggler vs. Surly Crosscheck, and Long Haul Trucker SALE!

Two similar do-it-all bikes from the world's biggest small bike company, the Straggler and the Crosscheck are both great practical machines. They've both got sensible, comfortable steel frames with room for fat tyres and mounts for mudguards/racks, and they're both at home around town, on a tour, or riding down dirt roads and trails. Here's what we think their key differences are:

1. Brakes. The Crosscheck has V-brakes, whereas the Straggler has discs. 

2. Geometry. The Straggler is a little racier, with a lower BB and a few other tweaks. The Crosscheck is a little more stable.

3. Options. Both bikes have a couple of variants in addition to the ones you see here. The Crosscheck SS is a complete singlespeed bike with flat bars. The Straggler 650b is, as the name suggests, equipped with 650b wheels and comes in frame sizes for shorter riders.

4. Price. The Crosscheck is a fair bit cheaper at $1950ish rrp. The Straggler has slightly higher spec and comes in at $2699. Both are available as frame-only options.

The Tangerine Dream Crosscheck in this photo is sold and due to be collected by a happy customer later today. The Straggler isn't a demo bike per se, but you're welcome to sit on it. 


We're also announcing a SALE on the canti-braked versions of the Surly Long Haul Trucker, which is legendary in touring-bike circles. Both the 26" and 700c wheeled versions are available, but stocks are pretty limited, so get in quick. We don't have one in store, but here's a nice photo we found online that demonstrates what the LHT is all about. They usually retail at $2,050 for a full bike, but we're doing them for a delicious $1700.