Customer review - Pedego electric bikes

As a service-oriented shop we're always keen to get real customer reviews. Michael and Sonja were keen on a pair of new e-bikes, and took the plunge on a pair of top-of-the-range Pedegos - an orange Interceptor and a Seafoam Green cruiser.

Michael writes: 

"I am really enjoying the Pedego bike. It makes the commute from Sawyers Bay to South Dunedin so enjoyable, so much fun in fact that I didn’t use the car for 3 weeks. The bikes always attract attention wherever we stop and are a pleasure to ride, even if the Southerly wind is howling down the harbour. The hills also don’t bother us, as we went up Upper Junction Road and over to Waitati for a coffee at the nursery. I’ve now covered 620km since the purchase a month ago."

Michael also supplied these great photos (a proud owner, obviously).