Partnering with Capital Cycles - roadie experts here we come!

You might think of Bike Otago as being a mountain-only store, but we're all part-time roadies too. In fact, Bike Otago's owner, Kashi Leuchs, has a long history with road racing, including representing New Zealand in the 2002 Commonwealth Games. 

Since we're a growing little store, we've now got the space to start playing the roadie game properly - and to increase the availability of bikes, we've partnered with road experts Capital Cycles. BMC is our brand of choice - not only do we keep BMCs in stock, but we're also able to get any BMC from Capital Cycles at the awesome prices below (or check their website here for more!) This means you get the great pricing and the expertise from Capital Cycles, combined with the face-to-face service of a local bike shop down here in Dunedin, and that's a good thing!

Click here to go to our range of BMC bikes.

Here's a BMC SLR02 for you to drool over - recently purchased by one of our customers and ready to collect. The SLR02 uses the same mould as the top-of-the-range SLR01, but uses a different carbon layup. It's more affordable than the SLR01 superbike, more comfortable too, and the weight is still astonishingly light at some 7.5kg. It's equipped with Dura-Ace and has mechanic-friendly external cables and routing for Di2 if that's your thing. Bikeradar gave it a glowing review here.


(we like this photo - how many fancy logos can you get into one shot? BMC, Dura-Ace, Capital Cycles, Continental, DT Swiss, and of course, Bike Otago... nice)