Moustache Samedi 27/9 FS Ti

In addition to long weekend rides, a talking point around the shop this week has been the Moustache Samedi 27/9 FS Ti.

Moustache bikes are some of the nicest electric bikes we've seen and worked on and their take on a mountain bike is no exception! From the hydroforming and frame construction to the proven Bosch electrics, the quality of these is second to none!

A quick ride around the block and the most obvious differences to other electric bikes would have to be the handing of the bike and the power and responsiveness of the electrics. With the additional weight of the motor and battery being centrally mounted, the handling is very neutral - not too dissimilar to your standard trail bike. However, with pedal assist on turbo mode (naturally!) within 1/8th of a pedal stroke, the motor kicks in and the bike comes alive! The Bosch Centre Drive system also allows the rider to make full use of the bikes gearing leaving hills no chance!


Whether these will be a game-changer or not, remains to be seen. Sure, they'll never replace the traditional bikes we know and love but expect to see more and more of these on the trails in the coming years.

This particular bike has been sold to a customer but if you're at all interested in an electric mountain bike feel free to come in for a chat and we can talk you through the options available.

Happy riding!