2024 EDR World Cups Rounds 1 & 2 - Photo Dump Recaps

A bunch of young Yeti riders are currently over in Europe testing their metal against the rest of the world at the World Cup, racing EDR events.

And Clancy Kelly has been shooting photos of them all, so we thought we would share some of the photos and give a quick recap.

The 2024 season kicked off in Finale Ligure, one of the most iconic venues for enduro racing. A few of our Yeti riders went last year, but for most it was their first time. So it was great to see them riding practice together and working together.
The following week the riders had to drive over 1300km to a brand new venue in Bielsko-Biala Poland. Sounds like all the riders loved the tracks there and they must have had quite the experience! 
From our Yeti NZ Racing squad we have three riders qualified for the U21 Pro events (Harry, Ollie and Lachie) and one for the U21 Women Pro event (Xanthe). 
Then in the International Yeti Devo Team we have Joe Millington (U21 Pro Men) and George Swift (Open Women).
Lachie Ross was wearing his NZ championship sleeve for the first time after taking the win at the Cable Bay NZ National Champs earlier in the year. He placed very respectfully in 17th in Italy. He was in P11 on the first stage but didn't feel well half way through. In Poland Lachie had some issues with the cold, but kept it together to finish 28th.

Xanthe Robb's debut in europe began with a difficult start, feeling sick all week before the first race. She pushed through and somehow managed to still finish an incredible 6th place. She carried on with a solid 8th in Poland and is looking forward to the upcoming races... 
Ollie Jenkins rode well despite a crash a couple of days before the event hitting his knee and leaving him almost unable to walk. He managed to still get on his bike and complete the race in Italy, finishing 44th. 

In Poland he held it together despite the mid-race rain and pulled off a great 36th place. 
Harry Kneebone's first trip overseas has begun super well despite a challenging first race having issues with course marking! Harry missed a shuttle and got a bit lost, then struggled with the liasons which are much tighter at world cup level, meaning there is no time to muck around between stages. Despite this Harry finished 29th in Italy and got himself a spot in the pro race for the rest of the season!!! Poland proved hard for Harry as well, finishing up 38th... but still solid points and in the hunt for the next one.
Unfortunately we didn't get photos of Dylan Walton or Jake Ramon as they were racing a different time to the others being in the Open event. Both are determined to try get enough points to jump into the pro race, but its really not easy with no more qualification races happening. It means the only way to qualify is through national champs, or the EDR Open events such as these ones. 
Dylan managed a 19th & 7th and Jake a 9th & 8th in Italy and Poland. 
It was super exciting to see how George Swift would get on after she got signed up for the International Yeti Devo Programme after some stellar results last year including a top 10 finish. We are hoping the extra support she's getting at the events now will help her progress into the top tier of Enduro riders. 
Unfortunately George suffered a injury to her thumb, meaning she couldn't ride for a long time and only just got race fit just in time for these races.  Her results in the first two rounds were solid 15th in Italy and 12th in Poland, so all things heading in the right direction!
Joe Millington has not had an easy 12 months with injury after injury effecting his training and racing. His most recent was a massive crash, breaking his elbow, while at the national DH championships in Coronet Peak this Feb. 

Joe was unsure if he would even be able to ride the first round in Finale, but decided to start and see how it would go. He managed to get through half the race, but pulled out once it got too sore. By Poland it was a little better and he managed to get through the race, finishing a credible 22nd. Not yet where Joe would like to be we know, but on the path back for sure.






Words by Kashi Leuchs

Photos by Clancy Kelly