Great Dunedin Rides: Wakari Creek

It looks like winter is finally behind us and that means biking season is here! Over the next few weeks we'll be updating our blog with some of the best mountain bike rides Dunedin has to offer, along with what our staff has to say about them, and their favorite trails. We've decided to start out with one of the lesser known tracks in the area, Redwoods/Wakari Creek. 

Just a short ride or drive north of town along Wakari Road, The Wakari Creek track has been developed by Mountain Biking Otago for riders of every skill level. Featuring a solid mix of beginner and intermediate tracks, Wakari has trails that the whole family can enjoy, as well as some more high speed technical sections that can challenge even the most skilled rider. The trails were deemed so good that they were host to the first event of the Dunedin Enduro Series in September. 

Map Courtesy of Trail Forks.

Here's what our staff had to say about Wakari:

Kashi: "One of the best things about Wakari is that we’ve got a 5 year old and he’s able to ride and enjoy the trails there as much as anyone. It’s really a trail for all ages, and great for families."

Ethan: "The trails are pretty unique compared to the other trails around Dunedin. It’s really cool to ride through the Redwood forests. It isn’t as technical riding as other places as well, so it’s super fast and flowy." 

Jeremy: "It’s a great track because I can take my girls up and we can have a great time riding together on all the easy trails, but then I can also go up with my mates and slash some fast laps. Mostly I just really like doing skids."

Jack: "I love Wakari because you can ride it as easy or as hard as you want, and no matter what it's still fun. You can slash some skids down the easier tracks or make your way down the steeper and more technical descents."

Felix: "I like riding Wakari because you can go real fast and just go flat out in the corners. Great place to work on skids. The short and easy uphill isn’t bad either."

Staff's favourite track: Redwood Loop (by unanimous vote)