How to Choose the Right Bike for You

How to choose the right bike for you

Riding is an exciting sport that allows you to get out and experience the gorgeous scenery that New Zealand has to offer. If you are a newbie to biking, it can be a little daunting with all of the fantastic bikes on offer. So how do you know what one is the best for you? We’ve put together a list of things to consider when buying your first mountain bike. 


The first factor that needs to be considered, is what will you be using the bike for? Will you be commuting to work? Riding off road in the weekends? Or a bit of both? Deciding on how you will best use the bike allows us to narrow down the right bike for you. There is quite a difference in how certain bikes perform and ride in different conditions. 


Getting the right size bike is extremely important as it impacts on how you ride. We recommend popping in store to Bike Otago and we can fit you with the right bike.  While there are height charts available, they can’t always predict the correct size as it depends more on a riders torso height, rather than body height. We can take a look at you on the bike to ensure it fits well and you don't need to go up or down a size. For our higher end bikes, we can also set you up with an at home trainer to get a really accurate position.


The third factor to take into account is budget. Bikes can range anywhere from $500 through to $5,000+ so it’s important to have an idea of what you would like to spend. Again, this gives us idea of which bike to place you with.

We recommend you come in store to Bike Otago and have a chat to us, so that we can find the bike that's perfect for you. We can also get you set up with any other gear you may need such as helmets and lights.