New Lezyne GPS Computers

Since being founded in 2007, Lezyne has held a strict belief on creating quality cycling accessories that meet the same high standards as high-end bicycle components. Starting in 2015 Lezyne decided to branch into the GPS cycling computer game with the same high quality standards as their accessories, giving us some of the best GPS computers on the market. Good enough that every one of our mechanics chooses Lezyne as their go-to GPS of choice for all of their rides. 

For their "Year 10 Collection" Lezyne has introduced 5 GPS devices as well as 2 new GPS watches, packing all the same power and features of their cycling computers into a wearable device. 

At the top of the line is Lezyne's Enhanced Super GPS, the crown jewel of their cycling computer lineup. Here's just a short list of some of the computer's top features:

  • Super accurate, advanced data recording system that combines GPS/Glonass satellites with a barometer and accelerometer
  • Simultaneous ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart connectivity that can display (in real time) text messages, emails, phone calls, and turn-by-turn navigation 
  • Lithium polymer battery provides up to 24 hours of runtime. 
  • Stores up to 400 hours of ride data. 

The Micro and Micro C GPS' take all the aforementioned features from the Enhanced Super GPS and packs them into a smaller package, with only small losses in runtime and data capture. Available in both the original and color screen, the Micro GPS is perfect for the data-loving cyclists looking to pack a lot of features into a small, easy to manage device.

For those looking to use their GPS for more than just cycling, Lezyne has introduced the Micro GPS watch. It holds all the same features as the standard Micro GPS (as well as also being available in a color model) and also offers separate cycling, hiking, and running specific modes, as well as a basic lifestyle mode that uses its integrated accelerometer as a pedometer. The watch can run up to 100+ hours on a full charge (up to 14 hours in GPS mode) and comes with a comfortable TPR wristband. The watch also comes with the handlebar adapter mount for when it's time to jump on the bike. 

The Macro GPS and Mini GPS are a step down from the top models, with only Bluetooth Smart connections, however sharing the same housing as the Super GPS and Micro GPS respectively. The Macro boasts up to a 22-hour runtime with 100 hours of ride data, with the mini coming in at a 12 hour runtime with the same 100 hours worth of ride data. 


With such an impressive lineup, there's sure to be a GPS fit for any level cyclist/outdoor enthusiast. Be sure to check out the entire line here or stop by the shop to check out our fancy new display and see the collection in person.