Lunch and a tour around Emersons new brewery

The crew had a tour and lunch today at the new Emersons new brewery which opened a few weeks ago to celebrate our own move into our new shop last month. 

The manager, Chris, showed us around and gave us some history on what is a hugely inspiring Dunedin story of someone with a huge passion and the determination to do things the way he knew was right.

Emersons are a huge supporter of biking in Otago, sponsoring the road club, MTB Otago, the CX race series and are likely to become a major sponsor of the Urge 3 Peaks too.

Its always nice to get together for a relaxing lunch with good people. Unfortunately Jeremy, Mel, Addy and Catylin couldn't make it due to illness, Robbie was off skiing and Jake was over in Aussy racing... But we had fun anyway!

Pretty awesome to see how its all made. From the raw materials right through to fermentation and then bottling or keg filling...

Some experimental brews being aged in oak.


We need one of these in the shop!

The ultimate test of any restaurant is how good are the chips... these were certainly up there with the best!

A pint of Emersons Marigold... a brew available only on site. Highly recommended.

And nothing like a draw off to end a great lunch!!!

Joels skating dinosaur

Jaspers dinosaur

Laksmis (with some help ;) ufo


 Jack was very proud of his too