Enve Foundation AM30 vs Enve M730 Review

Mat recently did some riding and compared the new cheaper Enve AM30 wheels to the higher end M730 rims laced to i9 Hydra hubs.


He was doing a crazy January challenge to ride 1000km, which took him 65hrs and he climbed over 22,470m. Yikes. He was riding his SB150 but changed his wheels half way (as we sold his other set). So it was good opportunity to do some real world testing on how the wheels feel.

Mat's SB150 Test Mule with the Enve 730 / Hyrdra hub wheels and below the new Enve Foundation series AM30's


Here are the spec's of both wheelsets

Link to details on Wide Open Link to details onWide Open
RRP Price $3999 RRP Price $2999
Upgrade Price (Yeti T2 build) $2690
Upgrade Price (Yeti T2 build) $1890
Actual weight 1810g Actual weight 1880g
Claimed weight 1849g
Claimed weight 1850g


Mat's comments on each wheelset

For the M7 wheels : 

"GET OUT OF MY WAY! I am coming in hot, stiff and ready to play on all the hillside. I found these things to ride all day and everyday without missing a beat. Jumping & landing is a dream, I did not feel any flex at any point yet
one of the most comfortable rides in all conditions. 

Getting tires on and off, the M730s when the tires were new had me holding my tongue to the left a lot but came off way easier than going on. 

For the AM30 wheels : 

At first the appearance, I like that the logo is not so in your face, which I actually like. And then the the sound of the hub is not as loud, which I also personally prefer. As for the ride feel, surprisingly I actually prefer these to the M7 wheelset. I was finding I was using the side walls more on the tires and having a hoot in doing so. End result is the AM30’s are more suited to my riding style than
the M7’s.

As for the tires, they went onto the AM30's like a glove, but not sure if that was because the tires were / are rubbered in. Possible.

Now if you want a real review with 'scientific' numbers, maybe check this one out... 

Mat being Mat after riding 1000km in a month around Wellington trails. And below the trails he rode on.