New Lezyne Pressure Over Drive Pumps in Shop

Not only is this time of year when we get to see all of next season's rides from the top bike brands, it's also when we get to see all the sweet new gear from some of our favorite parts and accessories brands. Lezyne has been leading the game in strong, long-lasting pumps for quite some time (they're our go to for all of our shop pumps), and they have just released their new line of Pressure Over Drive Pumps.

Gone are the days of struggling to properly seat your tubeless tires with a standard floor pump or finding a mate with an air compressor. The Pressure Over Drive is a floor pump that features an integrated air chamber system designed to seat tubeless tires.

Using a separate air chamber to store the air (with a max of a whopping 220 psi) that can be manually pressurized and released via a foot lever, the Pressure Over Drive is the perfect portable alternative for tubeless tire users. Sizing up not that much larger than your average floor pump, it eliminates wasting C02 cartridges, plus it's silent and you can take it anywhere unlike a noisy air compressor. 

The Pressure Over Drive comes equipped with an extra long braided hose, as well as Lezyne's amazing and easy to use Presta/Shrader compatible nozzle. Best part of all, it can be used as a regular floor pump as well, inflating tires in a matter of seconds. 

New for this year, the Pressure Over Drive will be available in both digital and analog.