Best unsung clothing - Yeti Bib Shorts

If there is one category of clothing from the Yeti Cycles range that I talk the most about, its actually our short liners & bib shorts. It amazes me how few people use padded shorts in the MTB world, yet they offer so much comfort and functionality... A nice set of bibs with pockets can totally transform your riding experiance.

The 'chamois' has been around since the 40's and the road fraternity wouldn't be seen dead without them today. That's because they actually work in protecting amazingly well in precious private parts which, lets face it, is rather important for our reproductive abilities!



In our toughman sport of MTB, with a dress code of t-shirts and baggies, it seems uncool to add protection. But I'll share a little secret ... you actually don't even see if riders have liners on and little do you know, many of your friends are probably already secretly wearing them!

Personally I'm a big fan of 'bib' shorts over the liners. While they do make toilet stops a little more complicated, the benefits certainly out-way this. With a bib short you get much less pressure on the abdomen, improving your ability to breath freely.  But the biggest advantage is the stash pockets on the back, giving you somewhere to put a lightweight jacket, extra bottle, snacks and or tube/tools. This allows you to keep that baggie look and not use a backpack or fanny pack, which moves around too much. 

Yeti have made some of the nicest liners on the market for over five years already and each year they just keep getting better fitting and nicer to wear. Have a look at our current lineup below.

As you might know, Men and Women do have a different anatomy in this area of the body and Yeti make different versions to fit each. For the females, we have the Enduro Bib  with the super comfortable womens specific chamois, and the bib straps coming wider around the chest. 

If you are not fond of the bib straps, then Yeti also make a super popular liner called the Koda Liner. These have been one our more popular items of clothing during the past few years, with many women coming back to buy multiple sets, as they become there favourite liners. They have a new design with improved fabric and fit for 2023. However we still have a few 2021 Models left too, and now on sale. 

For the men, we have a few great options too. 

This year Yeti have released a Turq Air Bib. The Turq label is reserved for our highest end items, offering only the absolute best in quality. I have been riding these for the past month and have to say, these bibs are sensational. They feel lighter and smoother, the padding is perfect and they are just an absolute pleasure to wear. The only downside is they have only got one main pocket in the bag, which is less then the regular Yeti bib. 


Then there is our Yeti Enduro Bib, which is also an amazing quality bib. It provides lots of back pocket storage and is super comfortable. It also has pockets on the thighs, which are great for quick access to gels etc and if you use our freeland shorts, you can open the front vent pockets for direct access to these pockets! 

If you are size LG, we may have a few older ones left going for a song here

Finally, if you prefer the simple liners, Yeti have the awesome Rampart Liners. These have proven really popular too and provide the same quality chamois, but without the bibs. 



See our full collection of bibs and liners here



Author : Kashi Leuchs