Devinci framesets now in

From the moment we unboxed these two frames, we could see that Canadian bike builders Devinci do things a little differently - check out the machining on the linkages, and the awesomely weird hydroforming on the frame tubes below... Devinci are known for being one of the most innovative and technically-focused brands out there, but these frames really blew us away.

The two models we have in store are the Enduro-flavoured Spartan, and the DH Wilson. Both framesets have podium victories underneath them, and we think one of the coolest aspects of these bikes is that they are made in-house in Canada, and come with lifetime guarantees. Now that's a company that stands by their products.

We're able to supply the majority of Devinci's offerings in both frame-only and as full builds. Get in touch if you're interested, or check out our page here.

Enough words - here come the pictures.