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New SLX Build Option on all YETI bikes

We have a new build kit option... the Shimano SLX NZ. If you have been searching for a new bike recently you would have realised that the shortages are real. We have also had some pretty major impacts from Covid, with massive delays and big limitations on the number of bikes we are able to get hold of. Unfortunately for 2022 things are not looking worse, not better. 

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Yeti 2021

The full 2021 Yeti range has just been announced, with some stunning new colours and build options. All models are available with a range of options and price points, from the C1 kit with no nonsense SLX drive chain to the full bling, no expense spared T3 XX1 AXS build kit. C-Series bikes now also offer the option to upgrade to Factory level suspension. And we have Enve wheel upgrade options on all builds. Bikes are landing by end of August and we will be on tour throughout September-November setting up popup shops and demo days throughout the country. See here for schedule  So come and join us, see, touch, feel and maybe get one of these beauties for yourself! A few highlights......

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A close up look at the Yeti SB165 C-Series C1 Build

 We have recently been asked by a few people for more details and photos on our bikes. Often the ones that get reviewed only show one build kit or colour. So we thought we might start doing a few posts with bikes you don't see very often! Today we are featuring the YETI SB165 C-Series C1 Build in the raw colour. (the same build option is available in the turquoise colour as well) The SB165 is of course the new big daddy, 27.5, mini DH bike from Yeti. While insanly capable, the biggest surprise I personally had when riding this bike was that it still actually pedalled fine (I took it to Tasmania for a 5 days solid riding in...

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