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NEW Boosta Energy bars and shots

We just got these in and they are amazing! $4 per bar and in store now. The wholefood approach of Boosta Cashew & Manuka Energy Bars makes it an ideal convenient and satisfying fuel to keep your energy requirements and blood glucose levels in check. No added flavours, colours or preservatives here, Boosta just doesn't need them. 

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Councillor Lee Vandervis... hello?

Dunedin Councillor Lee Vandervis recently mis-represented us at on official council meeting while discussing the new update report on cycle-pedestrian safety on the One-Ways. Lee stated that the people at Bike Otago do not support cycle lanes, which is of course completely untrue. We were just sent this youtube clip from the September 23 Council meeting and we think it would be appropriate to make our opinions publicly known.   If you just watched his performance above, then we are 'those' blokes, the 'seriously heavy duty cyclists' from the cycle shop across the road from the railway station that he is talking about and I am the owner of the shop. So we would just like to put a little context to what Lee tells the...

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Bike Otago Party

To celebrate the passion Justin, Greg & Nola Leov have put into Bike Otago these past 5 years... and to celebrate the continuation of what has become Dunedin NZ's most loved bike shop, we had a a party at the shop. Thanks to everyone that came and helped us celebrate.

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