Catching up with Bradders

Bradley Harris (aka Bradders) is one of our top young Enduro riders and in his last year of junior category so decided it was time to test himself against the worlds best. Not to do it by halves, young Bradders decided to go over for almost 4 months and take on the entire EWS series and get a real taste for the Euro race scene. 
Before he left, one of his biggest supports, Mops, put on a fundraising event and Paul from Tilt Shift studios was there to capture some moments. 
And here is a quick Q&A I just did with Bradders to share how its all been going so far : 
Kashi - How were the first four races? Must have been be a bit weird having 2 races in a week! 
Bradders - They were pretty full on, I really enjoyed Canazei that place was unreal! The first race which was my first EWS race ever was a bit of an eye opener, I probably come into it with the wrong mindset and when I finished up 13th I was a bit disappointed but looking back now I don’t think it was anything to be disappointed about because it was my first race and I learnt a lot. I just put a lot of pressure on myself. To then finish up 4th in the following race was a crazy feeling, looking at split times and stage times the pace is there but it’s just about the consistency. I struggled to find the flow in La Thuile and it was tough dropping back into 14th after the high in Canazei. I was happy to slip into the top 10 again with 9th in the second race, a few things to work on for the next rounds. It was definitely weird having 2 races within the week but I also enjoyed being able race myself and compare my own times from the first race but it’s hard on the body. I’m currently sitting 8th in the series rankings and really looking forward to trying to climb the ranks in the next rounds.

Kashi - Have you met Richie and the Yeti crew yet? 

Bradders - Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to meet Richie yet! But I’d love to have a chat with him before the next race. However I did get the the chance to meet and chat with Damion the team manager and Shaun the mechanic. Great guys and there always happy to help out when they can.

Kashi - What else have you been upto between the races? Any big highlights? Favourite foods?

Bradders -  I’ve just been cruising and spending heaps of time on the bike getting everything dialed in for the euro roughness. If I’m not out riding I’m sleeping pretty much. I did get the chance to take a break from the bike and be a tourist in Rome for 5 days which was actually really cool, that was where I found a new love for spaghetti carbonara. Highlight of the trip so far would have to be Canazei pits party/pit wars and I think many people can agree with that. There’s a sweet video kicking round of Richie blowing his tire off on in the carpark.

Kashi - Where and with whom are you staying now?

Bradders - I’m currently hanging out in Morzine with Nico from All Mountain NZ in Queenstown. Handy having someone around who speaks French. I’m still working on it, slowly…

Kashi -  How are you getting around for the last four races? Will be a tough schedule I can imagine!

Bradders - That’s a great question! Currently work in progress/make it up as I go, the classic kiwi way some would say. I do have some plans stay with and possibly travel with a French Yeti Enduro team who said they’d be stoked to help me out and have me tag along so I’m looking forward to that!

Kashi - What’s the Covid situation with travelling in europe right now? Are people wearing masks? Are there any boarder restrictions?

Bradders -  It’s no where near as bad as it seems, I’d say 30% of people wear a mask in public so fairly loose. There are border restrictions in place but it doesn’t really seem that way, I think I’ve been asked for my vaccine card or a covid test once maybe and I’ve crossed a few borders now. Airports in covid times are the most stressful part for sure.

Kashi - Its your first trip away from NZ and you ain't exactly doing it by halves! How long is this trip exactly? And hows it been travelling on your own? Are you missing the flat whites yet?

Bradders - Damn, a flat white would go down a treat. Quad shot not to hot as CJ would say. Yeah definitely threw myself in the deep end! Almost bang on 4 months is the total length of the trip, I’ve got about 7 more weeks in Europe and then back to NZ to hang out in a hotel room for 2 weeks. It’s my last year in under 21 so I thought it was now or never. Travelling solo hasn’t been all bad, it definitely has it moments but I think I’ve learnt a heap more and met a whole heap of new people than if I were to just be with the same group of mates the whole time. Overall I think everything so far has gone reasonably smooth, apart from this one taxi ride but that’s a story for another day.

And finally Bradders would like to give a big shout out to his sponsors : Yeti NZ, CJ Suspension, Goldfields Jet, Marleens, Ochain Components, CushCore, Southern Approach, Urge Bike Products, Maxxis, Total Food Equipment, Design Windows, Goldfields Jet, Best Build Wellington, Craig McIlroy Painters, SAW Forestry Contracting, Roofing Solutions
And also his Mum & Dad & Sister, Mops, the Vanzac boys, everyone who participated, volunteered, helped organise the race, and everyone who donated to the give a little page.