Ladies Who Love to Ride - Winter Update

Sadly April sees the end of Daylight Savings, which means that our Ladies Who Love to Ride evening rides are now finished for the season. The 2017-18 summer has been sublime with such perfect riding conditions, and our group was able to try lots of new trails on Signal Hill and Wakari. We have also seen some incredible development in riders skills, with some women starting off as fairly novice riders and by the end of the season, feeling so much more confident on the trails. We were so lucky to have extremely passionate and lovely ride guides join us for our rides and share with us their infectious passion for riding! 

We’ve had the pleasure of welcoming a lot of new faces to the group this year, and have been really lucky to have a wonderful group of women, all of whom have a common interest - their love of riding.

Ladies Who Love To Ride - Bike Otago Riding Group

We would love to thank our gorgeous Ride Guides who came along each week for the season: Catherine Shayler, Rowena Geisreiter, Natalie Munns and Roshni Mistry, and to those that came when we needed extra Women on Wheels - Devonia Kruimer, Sam Hope, and Linda Hope. Lastly, a special thanks to beautiful Ride Guide Catherine Shayler, who is so passionate about riding and sharing her love of riding with those who are new to the sport. We thank you so much and wish you so much love and luck in your new role as a mum!

Ladies Who Love to Ride - Bike Otago Riding Group

We are planning to have a last get together before the winter season, and instead of a ride this will be a cycling-focused 30 minute Pilates session. This will be led by Lyndsey Cackette and and assisted by Rowena Geisreiter from Vogel Street Physio and Pilates. Please register your interest with us as we would like to limit it to 12 women. This evening will be held at our Bike Otago store on Cumberland Street, and will be followed by cups of tea, beautiful baking, and some good chat! All we ask is that you bring your own mat, and ensure you are wearing some comfy clothing!

This event will be held at Bike Otago on Cumberland Street on the 24th of April at 6pm. To register your interest, please email 

Ladies Who Love to Ride - Bike Otago Riding Group

Ladies Who Love to Ride - Bike Otago Riding Group