MY Giant Adventure

This year I decided to make the trip to the Giant show a little more fun by building up a nice Giant XTC and add some bike packing bags so I could get around without a car. It was a pretty basic setup, but it did the job.



I managed to sneak out for a few laps of Nerang, which was the site for the recent Commonwealth Games. I had forgotten how tough it is to ride a hardtail with no dropper. The tracks here are rough !! After 2 hours on the trails my arms felt like they were going to fall off. 


Then finally I made it to the Giant MY19 show... a big day listening and looking at the new bikes. It was actually very very impressive. Good to see Rae Morrison in all the promo materials too !!

There were many highlights to the show, but this bike here I think is the winner... Reign Advanced 1 will be $6299 ($1000 cheaper then last year), comes with brand new designed carbon rims which look like a big improvement and DVO suspension.. cool !


And finally, these new Trance E+ electric mountain bikes are looking absolutely awesome.

 Plus of course, quite a few very special bikes that are still under embargo... I'll have to wait till next month to let you know about those !!!