Demo Adventure Weekend

Last weekend we held our first ever Demo Adventure Weekend in Queenstown. We were a little surprised more riders didn't sign up, but it didn't damper the spirits of Phil and Gary who became our first ever guests on such a trip.

All Mountain NZ put a great plan in place for the weekend and we had the lovely Erin Green as our guide to help us out on all the rides. We kicked things off with a fun little ride around 7 mile, which is more of an XC area, but has lots of fun trails and is a great way to test the bikes. For this ride Gary tested out the SB130 and Phil the SB150. Phil currently rides a SB5 and it was the first time he had tested a 29er, so it seemed a lot to take in. He remarked on it being a lot longer then the SB5, but that its climbing prowess was remarkable. 


On day two we headed out for the biggest day, thankfully with shuttle assistance from Nico at All Mountain NZ. We were dropped at the top of Coronet Peak and dropped straight into what is possibly one of the best downhills anywhere, all the way down Rude Rock, then sidling along and dropping down Skippers Canyon. At the bottom Nico was waiting to bring us back up again. 

Phil switched to the SB130 for this ride and Gary tried the all new SB165. Unfortunately Gary took an OTB in one of the first corners so took a while to get his flow, but Phil was taken back by the descending of the SB130, but seemed to still miss his 27.5 wheels (He'll try the SB165 on the final day we decided)

Finally with plenty of anticipation and a lovely breakfast at Odelay, we got the nenw bikes ready for another awesome ride. Phil on the 165 and Gary the 150 today.

And finally it was time for the Heli Ride... a short trip straight up behind Queenstown onto Mt Bowen.

The first part of the ride was pretty rugged, following a small goat trail. Most was ridable, but we did walk a little too!

The track dropped us onto the Ben Lomond saddle, which has an amazing trail all the way down into the Queenstown bike park. It was a massive descent and the guys were poked, so we headed straight into town to enjoy some Patagona ice creams, sensational effort fellas!

And so it ended. Our first Yeti Demo Adventure Weekend came to close and we had two very happy customers, both with excellent first hand knowledge of 3 different bikes and a much clearer idea of which one suited there riding style and terrain. And we also walk away with some fantastic memories and new friends as well. A huge success, so thanks Phil, Gary, Nico, Erin and Craig for pulling it all together. 

Our next Yeti Demo Adventure weekend will be very similar to this one and it will be on Feb 13-15th, just before the Trans NZ Enduro. It is timed so riders in the race can come if they want to do both. Of course you are very welcome if you are not racing too! See the event here on facebook page and if you are keen to join, just email us on to book a place. It will be limited to max. 8 riders.

Thanks ya all


PS. Photo credits from the heli bike day go to Coxyanga Photography. The other days were off Kashi's iphone.