Spirited Women Partnership

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 We were stoked to be involved and support the two Spirited Woman Races this Autumn! The North Island race was at the Blue Lake in Rotorua and the South Island event was held in Wanaka. This one was also the world's biggest Women Only Adventure Race ever!


I was lucky enough to be able to form Team Yeti Wahine and attend both races, a hugely fun treat! Thanks to my dear friends that joined me for these adventures - Kat Uhl, Snook Parsons, Rebecca Moore, Cherie Rusbatch, Hannah Wakeling. It certainly made me appreciate the amount of communication and logistics involved when there are four people in each team compared to individual racing. 


It was incredibly inspiring to race amongst women of all ages - we saw some mother daughter teams, teams of friends and then also gorgeous wise older women in their 60’s and 70’s mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, running and navigating their way through the course. And doing it in excellent time and in crazy weather at times!


We, Yeti NZ, gave away a seriously epic prize... a Yeti SB120! Which we think is a perfect bike for adventure racing, rogaines and trail rides. 


Written by Roshni Mistry