The Phoenix Enduro 2022

Our first team event and we managed to get everyone together to get to know each other and get some nice photos, thanks to Dominic Blissett. 

Mat put together a great meal plan and together we helped manage the team and figure out how to best support such a large group. 

The race itself was a superbly run event thanks to the Christchurch Adventure Park.  The tracks were hard and fast, with plenty of rock features. There was some rain in practice which really put the cat among the pigeons, but luckily it dried up by race day and in the end it was scorching hot. A great test of everyones ability to switch modes and mindset and get on with racing.

It was a pretty site on the practice day seeing all our riders out together wearing there turq jackets... We don't actually have matching race kits, but the jackets made us look like a team!

Having everyone together was an awesome opportunity to get to know each other. The riders were super spoiled by Mat, as he put his chef hat on and cooked up a storm for everyone.

For me, I had lots to learn about managing a big group of riders and was really just watching and learning what they all needed. For most of the riders it was some of their first racing away from their parent support, however they were fine and I didn't have much to do.


The race itself went really well for most of the team, although a few of them had mishaps. 


1st U17 Men (1st U21) - Oliver

2nd U19 Women - Zoe

2nd U17 Men (4th U21) Women - Xanthie

6th U17 Men - Joe

7th U17 Women - Poppy

11th U17  Men- Cooper

13th U17 Men- Lachie

15th U17 Men - Harry

10th U21 Men - Jake

13th U21 Men- Dylan

DNF - Cam