Mat and Harriet try the all new SB140

The love of 27.5 continues... this time with a brand new shorter 140mm travel take on new school trail.

Mat Wright took the bike out for a rip around the Wellington trails today...

" First time back on 27 in long time and very impressed with fruitiness of it. Man going up hill it rolls but then it just has the feeling that it wants to play. With the bigger tires it held the ground comfortably. Pretty insane for a small bike. Super stable. I remember the SB5 feeling agile and fun, but now this bike adds the stability and confidence of these new angles. It also seems to roll better too. In the air, it feels like we were floating. This thing is going to be FUN!" 

Dodging the rain storms in Christchurch last week, Harriet managed to sneak out a quick ride on the new SB140. Feedback was extremely positive. Harriet usually rides a beautifully built SB5 which she has absolutely loved too, but an upgrade is certainly on the horizon. 

Bicycling magazine has already released a first ride review... check it out here. There will be more to come soon I'm sure. 

It will come in three colours, turquoise, grey and inferno ...


This bike falls into Yeti's new 'RIP' category. Its going to be a lot of fun this one for sure.