Open Cycles

At OPEN, their motto is “working hard to stay small”. They design the bike they want to ride themselves, they produce them, then sell them to like-minded people and that’s it.

Staying small forces them to focus on what matters: Product development, taking care of customers (shops and consumers), and not much else. No sponsorships, no marketing, no complete bikes, no flashy offices or employees; we simply don’t have the time for any of that.

So if the simplicity of nice bikes, nice rides, nice company and nothing else are what you’re after too, join us at OPEN.

Read more about the brand on their website here


In New Zealand we took over the distribution for OPEN Cycles in 2018, due to Kashi's interest in owning one. Currently we do not have exclusive dealers for OPEN in New Zealand. This means that you can go to your favourite bike shop, no matter who it is, and get them to quote you on your next dream bike. Or alternatively if you prefer to buy directly from us, you can do that too.
See one of Kashi's OPEN UP bikes at lake Rotorua below



U.P (& U.P.P.E.R)

GravelPlus frame that fits road, cross and mountain bike tires. Go anywhere fast!
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Monster tires & nimble handling, for all-road, gravel & extreme rides. Unstoppable!
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Modern road bike tech focused on long-ride comfort in a classic, minimal design.
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Small Parts for OPEN CYCLES bikes.

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