Sale Sale

Aug 4th 2023

Today we are launching our biggest bike sale we have ever made. 

The entire bike industry is in a state at the moment and with every other brand over-stocked and discounting. So together with help from Yeti USA we are offering a limited time sale on all Yeti bikes in New Zealand.

We have lowered the price on all  remaining 2022 bikes to 40% off. It is hard to believe we had to go so low on pricing, but there you go. If you are after a scorching deal, check them out.

But the more exciting thing is that for the first time, we are able to discount our newly designed 2023 bikes. Check out the bikes pages here to see the deals : ARC, SB120, SB135, SB140 29, SB160, SB165, 160E. And if you need to demo one before you buy, we have demo bikes available in Rotorua... see here for more info on how to demo.

All 2023 bikes are available through your local Yeti dealer, or now as direct sales through us as well. We recommend using a local dealer, as it will support them and its always good to have a local shop on your side. But if you prefer to have a bike delivered to your door, we can arrange that too. 

Yeti will not be changing colours for 2024 and there are minimal other changes, so you will be getting the absolute latest and greatest at a massive discount.


Sorry our jacket and pants offer has now finished due to running out of stock.


Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or interested to know more about the finance options. Just email us at