Christmas Gifts at Bike Otago

Here's a short selection of stuff we think you may want for Christmas...


1. For the blokes
A christmas favourite, socks from The Sock Guy. Loads of options and patterns, all of which are guaranteed to make you ride faster. There are so many styles that we haven't yet listed them all on our website, so come into the shop to peruse our selection.


2. For the ladies

We keep in stock a pretty bloody big range of women's specific clothing, like these shorts by Yeti. Have a look here to see our range. You don't need to ride a Yeti to wear Yeti shorts, but if you'd like a Yeti bike to go with your new Yeti shorts we'd be happy to oblige.



3. For the kids
Kid-proof Cruzee balance bikes, plus Urge Actikid helmets. Don't let Santa take all the credit.


4. For yourself
Bikes filling up the garage, spare room, under the bed, in pieces in the kitchen cupboard? Get the world's best bike stand. Get two.


5. For fun
Every cyclist knows Park makes the best bike tools, but did you know they also make pizza cutters? And sporks too!


If you don't like any of our suggestions (fair enough), we of course sell gift vouchers


That's all folks. As always, we're really happy to chat about good gift options for all types of cyclist. Just come and see us.