2024 Autumn Bike Sale

 Dither not now friends!

We have your dream bike here waiting for you. And these discounts won't last forever. 


Autumn sale prices are active now on the following models :  ARC, SB120, SB135, SB140 29, SB160 & 160E 

YETI bikes are available through your local Yeti dealer, or alternatively as direct sales through us as well. We recommend using a local dealer, as it will support them and its always good to have a local shop on your side. 



Workride is a free benefit scheme in which employees can benefit from a 32-63% cost  offset on the sale price of a new bike, e-bike or scooter using tax exemptions. Staff get to  choose any bike, e-bike or scooter for their commute from approved stores across New  Zealand. 

Many of our dealers are signed up and we are now able to sell bikes directly using the Workride scheme as well. For more info see here



Most dealers have finance options, so please talk to them. If they don't and you need finance to make your purchase, please reach out. We can probably make it happen. For all direct purchases we offer 12 month interest free. Just email us at sales@blackseal.co.nz