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The brand new Yeti 160E has just been launched around the world and we are excited to share all the content from various media outlets below as they come in. Yeti Cycles Website Vital MTB Video Review PinkBike Video Review With have a very limited number of these bikes coming to New Zealand in the coming months. We eventually hope to get a few demo bikes as well, but this will not likely be until November at earliest.  Due to what we expect to be high demand for this bike, we recommend anyone interested in this bike, either to buy or demo, to get on the waiting list by filling in this form here.          

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We have just received three limited edition OPEN WI.DE with ENVE upgrade kits. Price is $13200. Available now, until sold. This bike represents the ultimate components for building a "go anywhere" gravel/dirt/singletrack/asphalt machine.SRAM Force AXS drivetrain, Eagle XX1 AXS rear derailleur, ENVE cockpit, seatpost and ENVE AG 25 or 28 wheels with Industry 9 hubs. more photos here

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New SLX Build Option on all YETI bikes

We have a new build kit option... the Shimano SLX NZ. If you have been searching for a new bike recently you would have realised that the shortages are real. We have also had some pretty major impacts from Covid, with massive delays and big limitations on the number of bikes we are able to get hold of. Unfortunately for 2022 things are not looking worse, not better. 

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5 tips on how to dress for mountain biking in winter

Winter mountain biking can be absolutely incredible, so just because the days are getting shorter and the ground is frozen is no reason to not ride your bike. However one thing you do need to know about, is how to properly dress for the occasion. I'm going to focus on normal trail mountain biking here, so there is no mention of lycra or full face helmets. Read on for some tips on getting the most out of your winter rides Above : Jimmy Pollard showing us how to ride in the sub-zero conditions of Alexandra in mid winter, riding in a Dirtlej Dirtsuit. Tip 1 : Always wear a base layer When I lived and raced in europe, almost everyone wore base layers,...

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Close Up : OPEN Cycles WI.DE Pistache Limited Edition

We recently built this limited edition OPEN WI.DE with mullet Force build kit. I personally love this bike with the 29 x 45mm tires. It makes for a super versatile bike which can be ridden on and off road. The gearing is fine for most occations. You wouldn't want to use it in a high speed road race or big bunch road ride, but other then that there is little downside to the single ring setup. And it is certainly a lot cleaner and simpler to take care of. This bike as seen here is RRP $10800 See more about the OPEN WI.DE here, or if you are interested in learning more about this bike (currently available for purchase. Size Large only)...

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